Hey guys! Long time no blog!!

It’s been over a month since I last posted here on the blog but I am finally back to do another installment of my series Weekend Reads as well as a life update!!

So I’m going to start off with my life update. It’s been a crazy couple of months in my life. I’m back at school part time for the fall semester and focusing a lot of my time on that. On top of that, I’m working at my job 5 days a week now so when I’m not at school, that’s basically what I’ve been doing. Also, I’ve become pretty addicted to video games since the beginning of summer so yeah that happened.

Going into the reading aspects of this life update, I’ve not been reading as much as I would like to. I’ve been in a MASSIVE reading slump since the end of June and it seems like no matter how hard I try I can’t get out of it. I will feel myself starting to get out of it one week and the next week I’ll be right back into it.

So that’s basically why I haven’t been posting on here.

With that said, if you guys want a kind of behind the scenes look at my reading (along with some other fun bookish stuff!) you can check out my YouTube channel here! I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!! I’m actually about to hit 100 subscribers on there so it would mean a lot of you guys went over and checked it out!! 🙂

But now let’s getting into my reading!

So here are the books that I have read in the weeks since I last posted:

  • Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas (reread): 4/5
  • Good Luck With That by Kristin Higgins: 2/5
  • Saga Volume 9 by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples: 5/5
  • A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult: 3.5/5
  • Heart of Mist by Helen Scheuerer: 4/5

And here is what I am currently reading:

  • Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas (reread)
  • Reign of Mist by Helen Scheuerer (sent to me for review by the author)
  • Misery by Stephen King

So yeah. That’s my life update and what’s going on with my reading! I promise that I will be back to posting these every week from here on out and be back to reviewing books sometime this week!

What have you read recently? Do you have any tips on getting out of a reading slump? Let me know in the comments!