“The #1 New York Times bestselling author of It Ends with Us—delivers a tour de force novel about a troubled marriage and the one old forgotten promise that might be able to save it.

Quinn and Graham’s perfect love is threatened by their imperfect marriage. The memories, mistakes, and secrets that they have built up over the years are now tearing them apart. The one thing that could save them might also be the very thing that pushes their marriage beyond the point of repair.

All Your Perfects is a profound novel about a damaged couple whose potential future hinges on promises made in the past. This is a heartbreaking page-turner that asks: Can a resounding love with a perfect beginning survive a lifetime between two imperfect people?”


This was a surprising read for me.

Colleen Hoover was an author that I will say, with full transparency, I was nervous to give a chance. Her books tend to be more on the controversial side with the topics they cover and people in the bookish community tend to either love them or hate them. Since hearing these controversial things, I didn’t know if I would ever really enjoy one of her books but I decided to give her a try.

This book took me by surprise and I really enjoyed it.

Starting off with the characters, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Quinn but I think she was written to be like that. I would have hated to be put in the position she was in with not being able to carry a child and I can understand why she acted the way she did due to that situation.  Graham on the other hand I LOVED. Like seriously can he be my boyfriend. I loved him. He treated Quinn with so much respect given their situation and stuck with her through thick and thin. Though his actions with the character of Andrea towards the middle of the book were something I think no married man should do, I understand why he did that. Overall, some very good characters.

As far as the romance, I think it was decent. I don’t think it was too lovey-dovey. I think both Quinn and Graham gave each other their space and were too controlling over one another. Though Quinn could be a little over-bearing as far as pushing Graham to try for a baby every time they had sex, again in a way it was understandable. A good romance to say it lightly.

Then going into the plot, it made me tear up. Seeing Quinn and Graham’s struggle truly is heartbreaking and something that I know people in my personal life could relate to. I’ve had family and friends struggle with infertility and I can’t imagine what it must be like. Once again, do I think what Graham and Andrea did was ok? No absolutely not but it was only a kiss and nothing more (thankfully). The scene with the miscarriage really tugged at my heartstrings. So many elements of this book made me tear up (and I NEVER cry in books) and that is what really made me love this book.

Overall, like I stated previously, this was a nice surprising read. I would have given it a 5 star rating but I did feel like there was something missing. What is that factor? I’m honestly not sure. Despite that, I really like the book and I will definitely be checking out more work by this author.