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“Prince Snarmis is a giant of a man, one of the strongest in the kingdom of the Psykoria. But although he towers above his peers, Snarmis’ skill at fighting fails to impress his father, whose approval he seeks. His close friend Celtor, leader of a mysterious and hermetic group of forest-dwellers, advises him to seek help from werewolves. Before he sets off, a young, enthusiastic and naïve member of the tribe, Serenity pleads with him to take her with him to give her a taste of life beyond the forest.

He is giving Serenity a tour of Psykoria’s capital, when the country is invaded by the daemons – terrifying, blood-thirsty monsters set only on death and destruction. Snarmis realises he must become a great warrior or die in the attempt, and accept help from anyone willing to offer it – including Serenity.”


*This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review by the author. All opinions stated are my own.*

This book was a pretty average read for me.

I was lucky enough to get a copy for review from the author and it sounded really interesting at the time. Since I am kind of new to the High Fantasy genre I figured I would give this one a chance.

As I stated above, this was just an average read for me.

Starting off with the characters, I liked (for the most part) both Serenity and Snarmis. Though Serenity started off on the overly-enthusiastic and immature side, I definitely saw her develop as a character over the course of the story. Snarmis was, in a way, kind of the same way. He started off being this character who really did what he was told to do in order to please his father but as the story went on, we, the readers, saw him pretty much come into his own and depend less on how his father would think about the situation he might have been in. Both of the main characters, as well as the side characters we focused on, were great and I look forward to seeing them develop more in the rest of the series.

Then going into the plot, this is where the book left me a little confused. I think the reason for this is, as I stated before, I am new to High Fantasy. I felt like the plot was a little predictable and sometimes could be a little basic. I would have loved a better explanation of how this fantasy world worked. I will say that I give the author credit for keeping me intrigued even though I felt this way. I found myself feeling conflicted at times about how I felt but in the end, I am glad that I kept going with the book.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad book at all. Though I felt the plot was a little basic, I do think this series has the potential to blow me away. I think that if you are new to the fantasy genre and haven’t read a ton of it, you might really like this book.