“Venturing into spacer and traveling to Mars sounds like an exotic adventure, but the reality of living in lava caves hundreds of feet below the surface of a rocky, frozen, lifeless planet takes its toll on the Endeavor crew. Public interest has waned since the exhilaration of reaching the surface of Mars, and the exploration has moved into its scientific phase. The only viable option for long-term habitation lies beneath the surface of the planet, where humans can be shielded from harsh comic radiation.

Connor, Harrison, and Liz are senior members of the U.S. module. When war breaks out on Earth and rumors begin spreading on Mars, they find their core principles rocked by the devastation and loss of friends and family. Whom can you trust on an international mission when the world is at war? As the colonists struggles to figure out what really happened on Earth, grief and anger become pitted against camaraderie and the spirit of exploration.”


*This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review by the publisher. All opinions stated are my own.*

I really enjoyed my time reading this book.

As someone who enjoys the Science Fiction genre immensely but hasn’t pick a book from that genre in a while, this was just the kind of book that I needed.

Starting off with the characters, I really enjoyed them all. I liked following the perspective of Liz as we don’t always get books in this genre told from a female main characters point of view. I do wish that we had gotten maybe one more perspective of another character on the mission just to add a little something more to the story.

As far as romance, I did like the slight nod at one that we had during the book. It was there and the connection between the characters was kind of obvious from the start but it didn’t take over the entire plot line like so Sci-Fi books do.

Then going into the plot, this is where I had some problems. Not a lot but there where some. For the most part, I did really enjoy the plot. I thought it was engaging and kept me entertained. However, I did have problems with the pacing. I thought it was a little to slow for my personal taste. Also it seemed like there were 2 different plot lines going on. The stuff that was going on with the crew on Mars and the stuff that was going on back on Earth. I wish the author had focused on one or the other instead of both.

Overall, I did really like the story that the author was trying to tell. It reminded me a lot of The Martian by Andy Weir (which I have not read but I know the basic premise of) so if you are a fan of that, then I would recommend this book.