Love or freedom…the choice is hers.

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, 1892. Lady Leandra Von Kurzberg is a hellion. Raised with seven older brothers, there is only one thing Lena fears: marriage. She has no desire to give up her freedom to be any lord’s broodmare.

When Lena meets the dangerously attractive Devereux twins, , she is smitten. Inexplicably drawn to both men, the brothers are polar opposites—as much as Christian is every inch the debonair Duke of D’Avigny, his brother Lucian is a roguish scoundrel bent on hedonism.

But the captivating twins aren’t what they seem…

As frightening truths are unveiled and a one-of-a-kind offer is made, Lena will have to decide whether love is worth the loss of her freedom, or if freedom is worth the ultimate cost…her life.”


This book was very interesting as in I think the concept of this book was more interesting than the execution.

I went into this book not knowing pretty much anything about it. It was a fantasy book and a quick novella so I figured why not.

After reading this, I’m not sure what to think about it.

Starting off with the characters, I think Lena was interesting. Seeing her go through everything that she went through was terrifying and I couldn’t imagine what it must have been to be in her place. But she stayed strong throughout the entire thing and I found that aspect of her to be interesting.

As far as the romance aspects, I had my problems. It was so INSTA-LOVEY. It drives me insane when this element is incorporated into fantasy books. IT ISN’T  NECESSARY. My problems are most like there due to the length of the book. Maybe if the book wasn’t a novella, this problem would not have occurred.

Then we have the plot. Or should I say, lack of plot. There was pretty much no plot with this book. Once again, it just comes down to the length of the book. The author tried to pack so much in into a 150 page or so book. While the author did pack a punch with the content of the book, they just made everything feel extremely rushed.

Overall, this book was just kind of a mess. While I am interested in moving onto the more full length novels, it won’t be unless I reread this book and can fully understand what is going on.