It’s late Thursday night, and Inspector Ross Carver is a crime scene in one of the city’s last luxury homes. The dead man on the floor is covered by an unknown substance that’s eating through his skin. Before Carver can identify it, six FBI agents burst in and remove him the premises. He’s pushed into a decontamination trailer, forced to drink a liquid that sends him into seizures, and then drugged unconscious.

On Sunday he wakes in his bed to find his neighbor, Mia–who he’s barely ever spoken to–reading aloud to him. He can’t remember the crime scene or how he got home; he has no idea two days have passed. Mia says she saw him being carried into their building by plainclothes police officers, who told her he’d been poisoned. Carver doesn’t really know this woman and has no way of disproving her, but his gut say to keep her close.

A mind-bending, masterfully plotted thriller that will captivate fans of Blake Crouch, China Mieville, and Lauren Beukes, The Night Market follows Carver as he works to find out what happened, soon realizing he’s entangled in a web of conspiracy that spans the nation–and that Mia may know a lot more than she let’s on.”


*This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review by the publisher. This book comes out on January 16th, 2018. All opinions stated are my own.*

I had a ton of fun reading this book.

On my list of goals that I set for myself this year (you can find that post here), I set two that this posted helped me to start accomplishing: to read 10 thriller/mystery books and to catch up on all of me review books.

This was a great way to start off the year.

This book was a big surprise for me. Like I always say, I’m not the biggest fan of the thriller/mystery genre. Most of the ones that I have read in the past I have liked but it still takes me a while to get into or pick up.

I was completely immersed into this book from beginning to end.

I liked all of the characters featured in this book. My favorite being Mia. Ross was an interesting character to read from as we try to uncover the reason why he lost his memory from the night in which he was poisoned. Then we had Mia come in and take the place of a caretaker in a way. Her and Ross’s bond was strong throughout the entire book and you could tell that it only got stronger as more and more things were revealed about that night.

As far as the romance part of this book, I don’t think it was necessary. Even though it was slight, the romance between Ross and Mia was necessary. The parts in which it was forefront, I kind of just rolled my eyes at them. It wasn’t a bad romance by any means, I just don’t think that it needed to be included.

As far as the plot, this was the book’s weakest point in my personal opinion. It started off strong, just as the way as it had been pitched to me when I accepted it for review from the publisher. But as the book went on, I found myself being somewhat confused. It kind of jumped around a lot and nothing seemed to be going back to what the original plot line was about. There was a lot of info-dumping and, like I just stated, the plot just jumped around. Just not for me.

Before wrapping up this review, there is just one more thing that I want to touch on.

On page 23, there was the following paragraph:

“But Carver could already feel it. The drink had tasted like liquid steel, but it wasn’t any kind of metal. It was epilepsy in a cup. Spasms and chattering teeth. He slid off the bench onto the floor. Jenner had beat him there, was now bringing his knees up to his chest and opening his mouth in a silent scream as his body began to shake. Carver watched his own hands jerk against his chest, felt his jaw pop as his teeth snapped together and released, a dozen cycles in the space of a few seconds. The women lifted the towel from the tray and picked up a jet injector inoculation gun.”

I have been very open about my story with epilepsy over the past year or so. Whenever I see the condition mentioned in a book, I always want to make sure it is represented in a way that I can related to.

With that being said here are just a few of my thoughts on what the paragraph stated above said about the condition and how it was represented in my opinion:

  • I think that the way that way the condition was represented had its good and bad qualities.
  • I think that the way the author described the things that happen during a seizure were accurate. The shaking and involuntary spasms are something that I have experienced myself when having a seizure.
  • However, I think that the representation does have some down sides to it.
  • The major problem I have with it is that it is only in that one paragraph and not throughout the rest of the book. Usually a seizure (at least from my personal experience) has some sort of effect on the person affected afterwards. That wasn’t the case with the characters in this book. I expected it to mentioned at least one more time but that didn’t happen.
  • Just to wrap up my thoughts on the representation, it was good but not great.

Overall, this was a good book. I will pick up future books by this author. I think the way he writes is great and he is able to write really compelling thrillers. Make sure you guys pick this book up when it comes out on January 16th!