“ON HIS SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY, William Hawk awakes like he would on any other morning – a teenage boy focused on girls, cars, and food. But, before he can even finish eating, everything will change. William’s Change Agent III status activates at 12:27 p.m. on his sixteenth birthday, and, his responsibility to save the Earth from evil begins.

Just months before, on her sixteenth birthday, Grace’s Change Agent III status reveals a horrible truth: her malevolent twin brother, Roland, is actually Roivas, the dark reincarnated. After years of being mistreated by her brother and deemed crazed and dangerous by her family, Grace finally encounters the opportunity to free herself from her brother’s terror and save her planet.

William and Grace must develop their connection with each other and their skills as Change Agents to stop evil overtaking Earth.

Seven of the ten wolds within the universe have defeated evil, but none have combated Roivas directly. With the help of family, Cy, Sonny, and friends from Earth and beyond, William makes sense of his new, prebio memories and overcomes past mistakes to bring Earth toward freedom of final ignition.”


*I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated are my own. It hits bookstores on December 5th.*

This book was a huge surprise for me as far as how much i enjoyed it.

This book was something that I was a little nervous due to the fact that i didn’t know what to expect from it. I had read the description before confirming that I wanted to read it with the publisher but I still didn’t have a exact idea of what was supposed to be happening inside the book.

That all changed when i did pick up the book.

I really enjoyed both of our main characters. I think I preferred reading from William’s point of view much more than I did Grace’s but I still found them very enjoyable. I think seeing the event’s through both of their perspectives was interesting and seeing how their stories connected was really cool. They both really developed as the book went along and I can’t wait to see them develop more in the future books.

I think that this book wasn’t to heavy on the romance and I think that that was a good thing. I could see a budding romance starting to form towards the end of the story between Grace and William but I was glad that it wasn’t like a huge focus of the story and was kind of hidden under the wraps for the majority of the book.

As far as the plot, I think this would have been my least favorite part of the book. I really enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong, but I still had a few, small problems with it. First of all, this book is pretty short so I knew going in that there would be a ton of information poured into this one book. I was right. For the most part, I did enjoy the plot but I found it to be very info-dumpy at some points. Also there was a little too much going on at one time. But, other than those little small problems, I did like the plot.

Overall I think this book was great. I loved how it managed to keep my interest with the sci-fi/dystopian elements. It also managed to incorporate Native American culture into it which I found to be very interesting. Thank you so much to the publisher for sending me a copy of this book to review and if this sounds interesting to you guys, be sure to pick it up when it hits shelves on December 5th!