Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well!

So today I thought I would pop in and give you guys a quick update on my NaNoWriMo progress as of Week 3!

So this is my second year participating in this fun little contest known as NaNoWriMo (aka National Novel Writing Month) and I must say that I am having a much better time with it this year then I was last year.

I am writing a retelling of the Evil Queen fairytale, which is something that has had a huge impact on my life (as you guys can tell from the name of my blog and YouTube channel). I came up with the idea while watching Once Upon a Time, which is a TV show based off of fairytale retellings and decided to put my own little twist on the classic evil queen character.

As of 11-23-17, I currently have 37,097 words written and 21 and a half chapters done. It is coming along so smoothly and I am really enjoying my time writing it.

As far as what else I can tell you, here are some things about the book:

  • It is a New Adult book
  • There is a romance but that doesn’t play a major part in the story until the very end of the book.
  • The love interest in the story is epileptic, which is own-voices representation considering I happen to have epilepsy as well
  • The main character deals with PTSD, anxiety, and depression due to the fact of an event that happened at the beginning of the book

So that is all that I have to update on as of right now. If you guys wanted any more in depth updates, you can follow me on Twitter, where i try to give daily updates on my writing.

I’ve also have been vlogging this entire month and those videos go up every Wednesday on my YouTube channel so if you guys could go over there, check those videos out and subscribe it would make my day!

Hope you all have a great rest of your month and Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American viewers!

Happy writing!