After eking out a living as an adjunct professor in Washington DC, fisheries ecologist Alex Allway lands a job running a small marine station back in her hometown. Arriving in River Glen to surprise her grandfather with her the good news, Alex is horrified to discover him dead, a bloody dagger in his heart. His clenched fist grasps a piece of pirate gold and cryptic map with her name on it.

While the police investigate the murder, Alex begins her own search for answers. Aboard the tugboat Vital Spark she sails the Chesapeake in pursuit of treasure that belonged to a distant relative, the pirate Giles Blood-Hand. But descendants of a rival pirate family are also looking for the bounty that’s been hidden for over three centuries, and they’ll think nothing of dispatching Alex once they discover she’s in the way.

The first book in the Chesapeake Tugboat Murders series, Vital Spark draws us into a world where ancient lurk beneath hidden waterways.”


*This book was sent to me for review by the author. All opinions stated are my own.*

This was, unfortunately, a huge disappointment for me.

When the author contacted me about possibly receiving a copy of the book for review, I almost immediately said yes. Once I heard that this book involves pirates, I was drawn right in.

Unfortunately, once I started reading the book, my opinion changed greatly.

This book started off really strong in my opinion. I was pulled right in the story at that point. But from there it just went downhill for me.

I liked Alex as a main character. I really liked her personality. The scenes that primarily focused on her. But as the book went on, I feel like most of the scenes focused on the other characters in the story and less on her. But still, the scenes that she was the main character of focus were very enjoyable.

I think that the plot was the weakest part of this story. Like I said earlier, the story started off really well and I was enjoying it for quite a while. And then something changed and I just lost interest. I feel like the murder mystery got lost under everything else that was going on. The pirate stuff that was included just made me really confused. The very slight bits of romance was something I was wasn’t a fan of. It was just great for a while and then it wasn’t.

Overall, this book was just disappointing. I thought I was really going to enjoy it. I am considering continuing on with this series. If I do consider continuing on with the series, I might reread this book and see if my feelings have changed or stayed the same. But either why, I’ll let you guys know.

RATING: 2.5/5