Ever since Star Wars first appeared on the silver screen, people have fantasized about being able to use the Force. But anyone–not just Jedis–can tap into its capabilities by using the Law of Attraction to harness the incredible power of the universe. Author Joshua P. Warren guides you through the lessons of legendary Jedi Masters to reveal how Jedi science encompasses the Law of Attraction and how you can draw on the universe’s energy to achieve your dreams. Each thought-provoking exercise shows you how to utilize this power to manifest your deepest desires and attract the life you’ve always wanted. You’ll also learn how to train your mind to hone in on your intention; enhance your connection to the universe; and ensure that your actions, words, and thoughts are in harmony with accomplishing your goals.

Do you want to break the negative energies holding you back from success?
Do you want to wake up each day excited and full of energy?
Do you want to use the real Jedi mind trick on others?
Do you want to channel the very power that binds the universe?
Do you want to truly create wealth and peace of mind in your life?

Complete with enlightening quotes from the series, Use the Force will help you master important Jedi teachings through the Law of Attraction and make every wish a reality.”


*This book was sent to me for review by the publisher. All opinions stated are my own*

I’ll be honest and say that I had went into this book not knowing much about. But in the end I’m glad I did.

I really enjoyed this book.

When the publisher contacted me about possibly reviewing this book. I was beyond excited. The first thing that jumped out to me about this book was the title: Use the Force. As someone who is a HUGE Star Wars fan (and has been for almost my entire life), I immediately jumped on the opportunity to review a book that talks (in a way) about my favorite movies series of all time.

This book was very informal. I have never read a self-help book so I went into this book not knowing what to expect. But what I took away from this experience was a ton of information that I may someday be able to use in my real life.

I loved all of the elements of Star Wars that were included. It was a great variety of different elements of the original movies that came out in the 70s and 80s as well as the newer prequel trilogy (which are the movies I grew up watching.) I loved how each one of the chapters started out with a different quote that were pertain to what the author would be talking about in that particular chapter. I almost wish that there was just a tiny bit more of the Star Wars elements but overall, everything that was included in this book made the reading experience even more enjoyable.

I honestly did not know anything about the Law of Attraction going into this book. Of course, I had heard of it but never was really able to get a good definition of it. After reading this book, I know a ton more information than I ever would have if I hadn’t read it. I really liked how the author included situations that may occur in really life and how the Law of Attraction could be used in those cases. It seems to focus a lot on communication. I’m currently taking a interpersonal communications course at my college for the summer and a lot of the information that I have learned from reading this book, I am also learning about in the course, which makes me very happy.

Overall, this was a great self-help book. I have taken in a ton more information after reading this book than I had ever known before. If you are interested in learning about the Law of Attraction or, if you are like me, and are a huge Star Wars fan and want to know how lessons learned in the movies can be used in real life, I highly recommend picking this book up!