“When Nell Channing arrives on charming Three sisters Island, she believes that she’s finally found refuge from her abusive husband-and from the terrifying life she fled so desperately eight months ago…

But even this quiet, peaceful place, Nell never feels entirely at ease. Careful to conceal her true identity, she takes a job as a cook at the local bookstore cafe-and begins to explore her feelings for the island sheriff, Zack Todd. But there is a part of herself she can never reveal to him, for she wants to keep the past at bay. One careless word, one misplaced confidence, and the new life she’s so carefully created could shatter completely.

Just as Nell starts to wonder if she’ll ever be able to break free of her fear, she realizes that the island suffers under a terrible curse-one that can only be broken by the descendants of the Three Sisters, the witches who settled the island back in 1692. And now, with the help of two other strong, gifted women-and the nightmares of the past haunting her every step-she must find the power to save her home, her love…and herself.”


This was my first venture into one of Nora Roberts’ books. I have to say that I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book.

I really liked the idea of this book. The synopsis drew me right in. After reading the book in its entirety, is only kind of sort of lived up to my expectations.

This was my first magical realism book that I have ever read. This was one aspect that I really enjoyed about it. It kind of reminded me of the TV show Once Upon a Time. Both that show and this book dealt with characters in similar situations and both find their way to a town in New England that has been put under a curse and only one person (or in this case, a group of people) can break it. I just really enjoyed it.

Another aspect I enjoyed was the setting. This takes place of the coast of Salem, Massachusetts, a town that is very close to my heart. Considering I grew up in Massachusetts, about 45 minutes north of Salem,  it is a town I love visiting whenever I get the chance. I loved how the author stayed true to the town’s history with witches and the witches trials of the 1600s.
I could somewhat connect with the characters. I liked Nell enough to enjoy reading from her perspective but there was something about her that made me feel more disconnected from her than I would have liked. I think that enjoyed the side characters in this book more than I did the main characters. For example, I wanted to read more from Mia’s perspective than we actually got.I thin that her and some of the other characters that were featured needed more backstory and should have had more of a stronger presence in the actual storyline.

I was not a fan of the romance between Zack and Nell. I’m glad that Nell found someone that didn’t treat her like absolute crap like Evan had but I think that she could have found someone a lot better to be in love with. Their relationship was enjoyable at times but it kind of felt a little cheesy to me. Hopefully in the next books I will be able to enjoy it more as it develops.

Overall, this book was just okay to me. It wasn’t the best in my opinion but I do see why people enjoy it. I am going to continue on with the series because I felt like the plot got better as the book went along. Hopefully I will enjoy it more and more as I continue to read more about Nell and all of the characters in this world.

RATING: 3.5/5