Feeling discontent in the big city and hoping to find what’s missing in her life, MacIntosh Layne decides to go back to her roots. Ready for a refresh, she heads home to her family’s orchard in Tennessee for the summer.

What she doesn’t count on rediscovering is her attraction to her brother’s charming best friend, Lawson Westbrook. The main star in her dreams growing up, he’s the perfect blend of Southern gentleman and sex in a flannel—rugged, successful, and more handsome than ever.

Lawson can’t believe Mac Layne is all grown up. No longer the gangly teen who went away to college, she’s all woman now and he’s eager to get reacquainted on a carnal level. As they continue to cross paths and their mutual attraction intensifies, he makes an enticing proposal.

A Choice Must be Made

Will Mac give in to the sinful temptation of the temporary arrangement Law is offering? Or will they find something sweeter than the cider they’ve been brewing together?”


*I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book an exchange for an honest review during the blog tour. For more information on this book and a giveaway you can find the blog tour post here! All opinions stated are my own*

I throughly enjoyed this book. I thought the author did a fantastic job writing this story since this was her debut novel.

When I was asked by the publisher to participate in a blog tour for this book, I was extremely excited from the minute I read the synopsis and thought this would be something that I would probably enjoy and since I don’t typically read a ton of contemporary books, I thought this would be a fun way to kick off the summer.

It did not let me down.

I really enjoyed reading from both of our main characters points of view. Mac was a character that I could really connect with. Like her, I grew up in a very small town kind of in the middle of nowhere. She had a great personality that put a smile on my face. Lawson was also very interesting to read from. Before reading this book, I had never read any contemporary that had a point of view from a male character. Reading from his point of view made me think about and want more of seeing the male’s side of the story in contemporary books.

I really enjoyed the romance between Mac and Lawson. I really enjoyed that we weren’t just thrown into the romance at the beginning of this book. I liked how it was a slow-building romance. I kind of did like how both of the characters were trying to deny their feelings for one another before they couldn’t hold them back any longer. I did find this romance a tiny bit cheesy at time but overall, I did enjoy it.

The only reason this was not a five star read for me was because of the sex. To be honest, I found that, personally, there was a little to much for my taste. If there was a little less sex, I probably would have enjoyed the story more.

Overall, I thought this was a very enjoyable read. Once again, thank you so much to the publisher for sending me an ARC of it to review. I thought it was a great book to kick off the summer season. I think the author did a great job writing it considering it was her debut novel.